Our Story


If you’re expecting a story of life changing thematics or eureka moments that led to the genesis of TFN, you’re in for a disappointment. TFN was built brick by brick, service after service, such that we can improve the conditions of a few if not many. From such humble intent, today TFN has encompassed providing a variety of creative and technical services to our patrons not only in India but also Internationally. Most of our patrons include Artists - both fine arts and visual arts, Technical Institutions, Cultural Organisations, NGOs, Students of diverse disciplines and most importantly Freelancers.

The Freelancers; rather than filling descriptions about how we do things differently with glittering words, we would like to engage you in the process that we follow with freelancers. The Freelancers of TFN are not our clients but are a part of teams under various divisions overlooking TFN’s worldwide Projects & Undertakings. Of course, the Freelancers are assigned to teams once the due process of evaluation is done and if they don’t, they’re helped to get into a team but that’s a story for another day. The Freelancers earn their share of rewards and recognitions, be it monetary or otherwise. Perhaps this is why the CEO of TFN - Rayan D’Souza feels it fit to consider this programme that we employ with respect to the freelancers as our magnum opus.

In all originality, TFN took flight helping students with their technical projects, helping them develop the very projects from scratch, that they wanted to pursue. We took a holistic approach for this particular service - providing resource prerequisites, being supplementary to the academic curricula that they are pursuing, introduction to latest technology and more importantly the technical skills to access them to their advantage, finally culminating with documentation. This later developed into full-fledged workshops with additional features and involved Technical institutions themselves who became our patrons.

When it comes to the services offered by TFN, Digital Arts stands out as an activity that TFN takes pride in showcasing its transcendent artwork, owing to its diverse Human resource pool enriched by the freelancers. This Division at TFN also handles Logo Designing, Graphic Designing, Visual Effects and Video Editing domains. We implore you to check out our designs and judge whether our claim that “TFN’s artworks connect to the inner self and not mere designs of cosmetic appearance” is true or false. Our ventures also expanded to Web development, Mobile App development, Content writing, Customised merchandises, etc.,

TFN lives to promote art; if TFN can be described in one sentence, this would be it. The best way to do this is by promoting the one who nurtures it - the artist. TFN has been home for a variety of art forms and those who practise it. As a part of our social service programme we directly expand the artists’ popularity and fan following by a particular initiative called ‘TFN-Featured’, where we conduct a text based interview about the deserving artist’s background, their hardships for choosing art for their occupation and most certainly, their artistry. TFN-Featured lives solely to improve the artist’s popularity and for this service there is no charge, surcharge, taxes or any other form of fee. We also feature other individuals and organizations whose path and work is worth spreading.

We do believe at TFN, that it is not an enterprise but a living organism; evolving with the world around it. We don’t bow to trends, we set the trends - We are after all… THE FREELANCER NETWORK.

  • Written by Chethan Dharmanand